Why Should You Choose Career in Digital Marketing?

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Digital Marketing as the Best Career Option

Gone are the days when the internet was meant for the few privileged! Becoming an integral part of our life, it can easily be bracketed as one of the basic necessities of today’s lifestyle. Consequently, it is hardly surprising that digital marketing has been superseding the traditional marketing methods. Those who are still in the dilemma of as to why digital marketing is the most lucrative career of today’s times may find the below perusals self-explanatory and enlightening. Read on:

  • High Demand
    Indisputably, marketing is the backbone of any business. Without it, no product, however good, can be sold and thus the workflow of business can be set in motion. Marketing and sales are sole functions of a business leading to direct ROI. A recent trend, digital marketing is an emerging field which still lacks enough professional. The high level of instauration creates a high demand for qualified professionals. With this career option, one will be free of any stress of going jobless.
  • Recession Proof
    Recession has proved a nightmare for many professionals who had lost their jobs because of it. No job market is immune to it. However, the silver line to digital marketing is that is recession proof simply because it caters to marketing needs of almost all verticals. Who would not want a safe career option?
  • Fantastic Payout
    Salary is a major motivating factor behind any career option apart from interest and skills. Digital marketing is one career where even a skilled fresher earns an above average salary of anything from 20-30 thousand. Gradually with experience and skill, it can hike above 60 thousand per month. For seniors, it can cross Rs. 12 lakh per annum. Thus one can be assured of a secure and rewarding financial future with this career.
  • Candidates from any professional background are eligible
    Digital marketing is a career which students and professionals from all academic streams or from any profession can take up. There are no binding requirements like in other careers of medical, engineering etc. Its professional course can be taken up by anybody and the career can be kicked off.
  • Work Profile is Challenging and Unpredictable
    Digital marketing career is excellent for all those who do not find the option of a boring desk job appealing! It has all the thrills and uncertainty of any marketing campaign. The same formula will not work for two campaigns. No campaign kicks off as perfect from the beginning! One always has to be on the toes and make changes accordingly! New ideas may just be required in the middle of the campaign. Additionally, with the technical advancement and the ever changing dynamics of the field, one has to keep upgrading oneself and even possible remain a step ahead of all competitions. Experimentation and unpredictability are two main components of the job.
  • Dynamic Job Profile
    Both the technical and creative aspect of this job is dynamic in nature mostly because of the continual and fast changing technologies in web as well as mobile platforms. Professionals are required to remain updated on the latest trends and apply it much ahead of their competitors. The job is perfect for all social butterflies and all those creative people who can think outside the box.

Bottom Line
Digital marketing is a career which was unheard of just about a decade or so ago but is one of the most thrilling and exciting career opportunities available in the market today. Going by the trend, it would remain so for a long time. One simply needs to acquire the right skill-set and get embarked on this successful and rewarding career, both financially and creatively!

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