What is DoubleClick for Advertiser (DFA) & How it works?

Doubleclick for Advertiser (DFA)

DoubleClick for Advertiser (DFA)

Doubleclick for Advertiser (DFA) helps advertising agency to manage their display campaigns. When a user visits a publisher webpage, the page has to call a web server which sends over the element of the page such as text, images, video, ads.

In case of ads the webserver sends little snippet of code called ad tag to a specific ad server that will select which ad to serve. For DFA the ad tag redirects to ad server ad.doubleclick.net. Then DFA server looks to the all available ads by matching the parameter in ad tag with the information based on user’s IP address, browser, operating system & GEO location. If targeting a user in Florida for instance DFA will find the best ad to send to the user. Then it counts an impression, tracking that ad has been served.

This process happens with each ad that DFA servers and it only takes fraction of seconds for DFA server to match each and every ad request send to it. This dialogue between webpage, web server and ad server is called 3rd (Third) party ad serving and this is how DFA serves ads to website.