How to set up Google AdWords account from scratch?

Are you interested in learning how to set up a Google AdWords account from scratch? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place!

You may be a small business owner trying to boost your profits or a digital marketing enthusiast trying to learn the very basics of AdWords, this article will help you to set your foundation right.

I am going to explain the entire process of Google AdWords account set up in 2 sequential phases. Let’s start!

Phase 1: Initials/Very Basics: ACCOUNT CREATION
Step 1: Using your Gmail address, sign up for Google AdWords.

Always remember that in order to create your AdWords you should have an email address of your own and a website representing your business entity. If you don’t have a website then you can proceed with AdWords Express in and create your ad within a very small time frame.

Here, we discuss about the AdWords account set up of an organization with a website. To begin with the process, sign up for AdWords and get the process started by clicking the Start now button (as shown in the option B in the below image)

google adwords sign in

Fig.1: Starting Your AdWords Journey

Step 2: Now, you can use your Gmail or another email id for signing up using the following basic details:
  1. Country,
  2. Time Zone and
  3. Currency

After that click “Save and continue” button as shown in the following image:

google adwords sign up

Fig. 2: Filling up the basic details.

It is important here to remember that if you use any email other than your Gmail account, then you will receive a confirmation link for verifying your account and you have to open your AdWords account with the same email.

Also, be sure to use the right country, Time Zone and currency. If you select the wrong details such as use USD instead of INR (as per your country currency format), it will affect your entire AdWords Account.

Step 3: 

Filling up all the necessary details, ‘Sign in to your AdWords account’ and start with the process of setting up your first campaign.


Phase 2: Setting Up the First Campaign

This is the most crucial step of your overall AdWords account set up activity as in this phase you will develop your first ad campaign. In addition to writing your first ad, you will have to decide on the amount of money you need to spend and your target audience for the ad campaign.

Following are the steps along with useful tips to start building your first campaign!! :-

Step 1: Deciding your budget

This is the point of decision on the average spending per day on the campaign you are going to build.

Basic Tips:

  • You should always fix a budget that you are very comfortable with.
  • You are always free to make adjustments once you assess your running ad as per its perming parameters.
  • You can also work with a monthly advertising budget and the average amount for every day can be calculated by dividing the monthly budget by 30.4 ( considered as the average number of days every month)

Basic Instructions:

  • Open “Your budget” section and select the appropriate type of currency from the menu. Always be careful while selecting the type o currency as it cannot be changed later.
  • After selecting the currency, you need to enter the average amount of your ad campaign that you are willing to spend and click-“save”.
Step 2: Choose your audience

You need to select your audience on the basis of their location and keywords they would use for availing the products and services.

google adwords location targeting

Fig.: Geographic locations targeting in AdWords.

You can target your ads to the customers located in a specific code, cities, states or provinces, countries, multiple countries or the entire world. It is to be remembered that you need to exclude the areas which to are irrelevant to your business so that unnecessary spending from the ad clicks is avoided. You can learn about targeting ads to different geographic locations from here.

Step 3: Setting your bid

You can always set the highest price that you wish to pay when a prospect of your products or services clicks your ad. This is known as your maximum cost-per-click bid or CPC bid.

google adwords bidding strategy

Fig. Managing your bid at the CPC level

Generally, it needs to be understood that with the increasing relevancy of the keywords and ads, a higher bid will always show your ad at a higher position in the search page.

When creating your first AdWords campaign, you can choose the option of manual bidding to set, manage and optimize your own bidding strategy. Alternatively, you can also select another option by letting AdWords to manage your bidding automatic way. This option is selected to get maximum clicks without spending any time in the bidding strategy and suitable for new advertisers without sufficient knowledge.

You can learn more about the bidding basics of AdWords here.

Step 4: Writing your ad

You can select the simplest version of online ad – a text ad for the first campaign. For getting more clicks, you need to make your ads more engaging and relevant for your target audience.

Writing your AdWords ad

Fig. Writing your AdWords ad

Following are some of the tips to reap maximum benefits from your first ad:
  1. You need to make sure that the text of your ad is closely associated with your keywords.
  2. When the target audience click your ad, then they are led to a page highly relevant to the ad, which is known as landing page. You need to optimize your landing page for the best results. Learn about the creation of a good landing page experience by clicking here.
  • Use a strong call-to-action that tells your potential customers about the go ahead once they click your ad.
  1. Effectively highlight your competitive advantages such as special discounts, exclusive offers etc. They need to be highly appealing to the potential consumers and hence, you need to do some market research before this step.
  2. Always never forget to capitalize the first letter of every word in your ad text or headline.

This is the end of your lesson about creating your first AdWords account and setting up your first ad campaign. Always keep in mind that Google AdWords is not simply a skill that you need to acquire, it is much more than that. It works as a key contributing factor for helping the business owners to realize their dreams and business objectives in the ever competitive online world. So, it is necessary that you go through the basics and understand them very clearly before getting into real action. Best of luck!!!

“The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid”

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