Type of Access Level in Google Adwords Account

adwords setting access level

You will learn:

  • Inviting other users to access your AdWords account
  • Different type of access levels in Google AdWords
  • Changing user access levels or removing users

Google AdWords is one of the most successful tool for online marketing. More than 70% of online businesses around the globe use Google AdWords for their online presence, lead generation, brand visibility etc. If you are small business owner and don’t have budget to hire a PPC Expert guy or agency. Don’t Worry! AdWords tool is made for all, any one with the basic internet knowledge, can easily create and run the ads on Google. The basic settings are provided which doesn’t need you to be a marketing expert. If you are business owner or traditional marketing manager and don’t have the Online marketing experience you can also create the AdWords campaign. Read here: How to create campaign on Google AdWords (Step to Step Guide)

AdWords is an auction based system and need on going optimization which requires an expert to look into account and make appropriate changes on daily basis. PPC Expert will help you to get best return on ad spend (ROAS) and make your campaign successful and profitable. If you are planning to hire PPC expert for your Google AdWords account, which you created from your personal Google account, you don’t need to share your credentials with anybody else. To handle this scenario AdWords provides different access level to different account owners. According to need, you can easily invite users and provide them access per requirement. Once you invite particular Google account to access your existing AdWords account, user will be able to login with their Google credentials and access AdWords per level defined. In case you have multiple AdWords account, you need create My Client Center (MCC) account.

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Before moving forward please have a look on How to provide, accept or remove users in AdWords account.

Step to step Guide:

  1. Go to your AdWords
  2. Click the gear (setting option) on upper right hand corner.
  3. Select Account access option in left view.
  4. Click invite other users.
  5. Enter the email id of invitee (User you want to access your AdWords account).
  6. Name the invitee (Optional- Use friendly name, easy to recognize)
  7. Select the Access level from drop down menu.
  8. Click Send Invitation.
  9. Invitee will receive an email with invitation acceptance link.
  10. Upon accepting the invitation you will receive the acknowledgement email and notification in AdWords account.
  11. Last step, you need to grant the access on account access page and allow the invitee to access your account.

Keep-in mind: Make sure the invitee’s (you want to access your account) email id isn’t yet associated with an AdWords account.


AdWords Access Level

Google AdWords has four account access level:

  1. Email-only
  2. Read-only
  3. Standard
  4. Administrative

Each time you grant access to your AdWords account, you’ll be able to select which features the invitees can see or make changes in AdWords.

Account Access levelEmail-onlyRead-only*StandardAdministrative
Can receive notification emails and reportsYYYY
Can sign in and run reports YYY
Can browse the Campaigns tab, Opportunities tab, Tools tab, Account settings, and Billing YYY
Can accept and reject manager account link requests   Y
Can unlink manager accounts   Y
Can edit any part of an account and its campaigns, including Billing  YY
Can give account access, change access levels, and can cancel invitations from other users   Y
Can grant email-only access YYY


*Keep in mind: Users with “Read-only” access to your AdWords account can’t access the Change History, Conversions, Attribution, and Google Analytics subtabs in the Tools tab.

Email-only: Invitee will not be able to login into AdWords, but will receive important emails notifications and schedule emails with reports.

E.g. In-case you need to provide yesterday’s Ad spend data to companies finance department/CFO on daily basis. But don’t want them to login into AdWords account. You can schedule an email for same. They will receive an email with link to access the report.

Read-only: Invitee will be able to login into AdWords dashboard and can see the reports but unable to makes changes.

E.g. If you need to provide access to your Organic SEO department to see the AdWords data & run reports. But don’t want SEO team to make changes.

Standard: Invitee will be able to make changes to the account and have all of the privileges of account admin, except ability to provide access to or edit access of another user. The standard access user can provide e-mail only access to users.

E.g. If you have hired a PPC Expert to handle the AdWords account and make optimization changes accordingly, but you don’t want him to let invite other users and make edit to access level. Keep in mind that standard level user can provide email-only access to others.

Administrative: Invitee will able to make changes to the account and campaigns, add, & delete users or change or terminate user’s access levels. Account creator is default admin and he can invite other user to access his account or change account holder access level. Will be able to make all type of changes possible in AdWords account.

E.g. If you have hired a trusted certified PPC Expert or company to work on your account and want to authorized them to provide access to their team. In that case you can assign that expert an ADMIN level.

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