April 24, 2016

Google AdWords Questions: Page 11


Chris is managing a Google AdWords campaign for his client. The client wants to specifically target women between the ages of 38 and 45. How can Google AdWords help Chris achieve this goal?
A. Google AdWords can target demographics, such as age andsex, through the demographic bidding tool.
B. Google AdWords cannot target ages and sex.
C. Google AdWords can only loosely target demographics through the Demographics setting in the Google AdWords home page.
D. Google AdWords can only target certain demographics through the Google Network.

Answer: A

Gina is working with Amy on a Google AdWords campaign they have created. Their manager Joe is concerned about the cost per click rate and how quickly the campaign’s budget may be depleted. Amy tells Joe about the AdWords Discounter pricing. What is the AdWords Discounter?
A. The AdWords Discounter is a feature built into AdWords that will charge you the lowest possible CPC while still maintaining your position for each keyword if you pay for the ads upfront.
B. The AdWords Discounter is a feature that automatically reduces the price advertisers pay for clicks if Google’s data shows that a click from a Content Network page is less likely to result in a conversion.
C. The AdWords Discounter is afeature that will charge you less per click the more clicks a campaign receives.
D. The AdWords Discounter is a feature built into AdWords that will charge you the lowest possible CPC while still maintaining your position for each keyword.

Answer: D

Martha is managing Google AdWords for her company. She wants her ads to be displayed as soon as possible every day and doesn’t mind if all of her ads don’t show across the day. What type of AdWords budget should Martha use?
A. Standard delivery
B. Accelerated delivery
C. Daily
D. Accrued

Answer: B

Your customer wants you to create a Google AdWords report that will show them how many times the ads were shown and the actual cost-per-click rate. What type of report can you create for the client?
A. Impression report
B. Conversion reporting
C. CTR report
D. Statistical report

Answer: D

Blynn is reviewing her Google AdWords account and notices that her ad has received a considerable amount of clicks. Upon further review, Blynn realizes that on some days the amount of clicks were considerably more than what her daily budget has allowed. What is the most likely reason why this is happening?
A. Google will adjust the daily budget as needed based on the quality score of thead.
B. Blynn is using cost-per-million (CPM) bidding, not cost per click bidding.
C. Blynn hasn’t set, but hasn’t approved, her daily budget for ads.
D. Google may deliver more clicks than what Blynn’s budget called for to make up for other days within the same billing period in which the daily budget was not reached.

Answer: D


Sam is working with Google AdWords for his customer. He’s read about the account tree but he can’t seem to find it when he signs into Google AdWords. How can Sam see the account tree?
A. Click Google AdWords accounts, account tree.
B. The account tree only appears when you have two or more campaigns.
C. Click Google AdWords accounts, client, campaigns and then the account tree is displayed.
D. Click Google AdWords accounts, home, campaigns and then the account tree is displayed.

Answer: B

Beth has created an ad for her business that sells postcards for bulk mailing. Beth has created the keyword phrases Bulk Mailing Postcards, bulk mailing postcards, and bulk mailing post-cards.
Which one of the following statements best identifies the problems with Beth’s keyword phrase?
A. Beth doesn’t need to capitalize the keywords or add hyphens to the keyword post-cards as Google AdWords sees these all as the samephrase.
B. There’s nothing wrong with these phrases as it addresses three different types of searches.
C. Beth doesn’t need to have all three phrases as keywords as the three phrases are all the same to Google AdWords.
D. Beth doesn’t need to capitalize the keywords phrases as Google AdWords isn’t case sensitive. The hyphen in post-cards however is a different keyword than postcards in the first keyword phrase.

Answer: D

Your client has asked you to create an advertisement that includes video of their product being used. Google AdWords does support rich media ads but they recommend that you target sites or categories that your audience will find interesting and relevant. What is the Google AdWords recommended number of minimum sites for rich media ad formats if you’re using managed placements for your ads?
A. 10
B. 1
C. 100
D. 1,000

Answer: A

Which of the following Adwords account accesses allows users to view and run reports from the Report Center and browse the Campaigns and Opportunities tabs in read-only mode?
A. Email-only
B. Standard
C. Read-only
D. Administrative

Answer: C

Which of the following match types allows ad to show on similar phrases and relevant variations of the keyword?
A. Partial match
B. Phrase match
C. Exact match
D. Broad match

Answer: D



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