April 24, 2016

Google AdWords Questions: Page 16


Beth has created an ad for her business that sells postcards for bulk mailing. Beth has created the keyword phrases Bulk Mailing Postcards, bulk mailing postcards, and bulk mailing post-cards.
Which one of the following statements best identifies the problems with Beth’s keyword phrase?
A. Beth doesn’t need to capitalize the keywords or add hyphens to the keyword post-cards as Google AdWords sees these all as the same phrase.
B. Beth doesn’tneed to capitalize the keywords phrases as Google AdWords isn’t case sensitive. The hyphen in post-cards however is a different keyword than postcards in the first keyword phrase.
C. Beth doesn’t need to have all three phrases as keywords as the three phrases are all the same to Google AdWords.
D. There’s nothing wrong with these phrases as it addresses three different types of searches.

Answer: B

Tom has created a Google AdWords for his travel business. He wants to attract visitors to his domain specific to .fr but Google AdWords has not approved his ad. Which one of the following is the likely reason why Tom’s ad has not been approved?
A. The destination URL must be in the same time zone as Tom’s account.
B. The destination URL must be the same as the display URL.
C. The destination URL is not the same country as Tom’s origination.
D. The destination URL must be in French in this instance.

Answer: B

Jen is a client that’s reviewing your work as her Google AdWords consultant. Jen is confused about the quality score and how it affects her ad on Google. Which one of the following, according to Google, is NOT a factor in determining the quality score for ad?
A. The relevance of the keyword to the ads in its ad group
B. Jen’s account’s performance in the geographical region where the ad will be shown
C. The quality of Jen’s landing page
D. The number of keywords targeted

Answer: D

Amy is new to Google AdWords and she’s curious about the policies Google requires for participants and their ads. Which one of the following is NOT of the Google AdWords policy categories?
A. Content policies
B. Editorial and format policies
C. Image policies
D. Link policies

Answer: C

Your client wants to be ranked number one in Google search listings on the keyword golf. How can Google AdWords helps this goal?
A. Participation in Google AdWords will not help the client’s organic search results.
B. Participation in Google AdWords will help the client’s quest to be rankedhigh on the particular keyword if their ad uses the same keywords on the client’s Website.
C. Participation in Google AdWords will help the client’s quest to be ranked high on the particular keyword if the client enrolls in the Google Organic Search program and the Google AdWords program.
D. Participation in Google AdWords will help the client’s quest to be ranked high on the particular keyword.

Answer: A

You are managing a Google AdWords campaign for client that has a business selling greeting cards online. The customer has asked you to provide a report for them that will show statistics on how specific types of ad variations are performing. Which report should you generate for your client?
A. Placement performance report
B. Hourly report
C. Ad text report
D. Search terms report

Answer: C

You have created a budget for your Google AdWords of $10 per and you’ve subscribed to the 30­day billing period. On some days Google adjusts your daily budget to allow more clicks than the $10 amount and on other days it does not. What is the maximum you’ll have to pay in this instance?
A. $300, plus or minus ten percent
B. It depends on the total number of impressions your ads have had.
C. $300
D. It depends on how many conversions the adjustments have brought to your Website.

Answer: C

What tool can you use with Google AdWords to determine how much time customers spend on your site after they click your ad?
A. Google Translate
B. Google Analytics
C. Google Pack
D. GoogleTrends for Websites

Answer: B

When you create a new Google AdWords ad how can you also ensure that the ad will be included in the entire Google Network?
A. By default, ads are included in the entire Google Network.
B. You must first applyto Google to opt-in to the Google Network. Google will review your application ad then may approve your participation.
C. You must opt-in to the network through your campaign settings.
D. You must opt-in to the network through your Google AdWords account management.

Answer: A

How often is a quality score generated for a Google AdWords client?
A. Hourly
B. Each time a keyword matches a search query
C. Daily
D. Weekly

Answer: B



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