April 24, 2016

Google AdWords Questions: Page 17


You have a client that has reviewed a recent performance report you’ve supplied. The client wants to make several changes to the Google AdWords campaign. When can the changes be implemented?
A. On any day other than the day a billing cycle ends or starts
B. Any time outside of three days of a new billing cycle
C. Within seven days of a new billing cycle
D. Any time

Answer: D

Consider an advertiser that is trying to sell more coffee beans. The advertiser has identified keywords for the ad groups: gourmet coffee beans, organic coffee beans, and French roast beans.
Which keyword wouldn’t be a good choice to include in the ad group gourmet coffee beans?
A. Gourmet coffee
B. French roast coffee beans
C. Specialty coffee
D. Gourmet coffee beans

Answer: B

Jan creates a Google AdWords ad for her company. She wants to avoid showing her ad when users search for free, cheap, or crack. How can she do this with a keyword match type?
A. Jan will need to a broad match, but add the negative qualifier for each keyword she doesn’t wantherad associated with.B. Jan will need to create a negative match for the searched phrase that includes free, cheap, orrack.
C. Jan can only do this if she creates an exact match, in quotes, for every approved keyword.
D. Jan will need to create an exact match for the phrases she will allow her ad to be displayed with.

Answer: B

You are working with a client to discuss how their ad will appear in the Google Network. You tell the client that they can customize the ad’s content placement, but the customer doesn’t understand the concept of content placement. Which one of the following is the best description of content placement in the Google Network?
A. A placement describes the premium to low-level minimums for an ad to be placed on a Google Network participant’s page.
B. A placement is where the Google AdWords ad will appear on the Internet.
C. A placement is the order in which an advertisement is displayed on a Google Network’s participant’s page.
D. A placement can be an entire Website, a subset of a Website, or even an individual ad unit positioned on a single page.

Answer: D

You are creating a new campaign in Google AdWords and you need to pick the languages and location you want to target. How many different languages can you target as part of this process?
A. Two
B. Forty
C. Ten
D. One

Answer: B

Jeff wants to create an advertisement in his Google AdWords account for mobile users. What is the primary requirement that Jeff must adhere to for Google AdWords and mobile phone users?
A. Mobile ads must be image only.
B. Mobile ads must include a “call” link in the advertisement.
C. Mobile ads must be text only.
D. Mobile ads must lead to a mobile Website.

Answer: D

You need to quickly find information on your campaign statistics as you have a meeting you’re your supervisor in twenty minutes. Where can you find data on your clicks, impressions, clickthrough rates (CTR), and average costs-per-click?
A. Campaign Management tab in Campaign Statistics
B. Account snapshot
C. Report Center
D. Google Analytics

Answer: A

What two tools does Google offer users to improve your Website performance?
A. Google Analytics and Website Analytics
B. Google Web Analyzer and Web Analyzer
C. Google Analytics and Website Optimizer
D. Google Analyzer and Website Optimizer

Answer: C

Google wants to make certain that Google Content Network consultants understand where people
are spending their time online. Google has identified four categories where people spend their time online. Which one of the following statements ranks Internet usage for Web users from smallest to largest percentage of time online according to Google?
A. Search sites, commerce sites, content sites, communication sites
B. Content sites, communication sites, commerce sites, search sites
C. Commerce sites, content sites, communication sites, search sites
D. Communication sites, content sites, commerce sites, search sites

Answer: B

Jeff is creating a mobile ad for his Website for the Google AdWords program. Which one of the following options is allowed by Google AdWords for mobile users?
A. A hide all images option to see just the Google AdWords text
B. An ignore mobile ad option to hide the Google AdWords
C. A text link so visitors can send a text message to the advertiser
D. A call link so visitors can immediately call rather than visit the Website

Answer: D



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