April 24, 2016

Google AdWords Questions: Page 21


Which of the following settings limits the number of times your ads appear on the Display Network to a unique user?
A. Ad scheduling
B. Frequency capping
C. Ad rotation
D. Bidding option

Answer: B

Which of the following policies prohibits affiliates from using destination URLs that automatically redirects to another Website?
A. Content policies
B. Quality
C. Editorial and format policies
D. Link policies

Answer: D

Which of the following terms refers to the amount of time it takes for a user to view the landing page after clicking an ad?
A. Quality score
B. Load time
C. Click-through rate

Answer: B

When you first login to Google AdWords there are six main tabs displayed. Which one of the following is NOT one of the six tabs you’ll see in Google AdWords?
A. My Account
B. Campaigns
C. Opportunities
D. My Clients

Answer: D

You are the Google AdWords Administrator for your company. You have created accountsyou’re your employees. One of your employees, Stephanie, reports that her language settings aren’t correct for her and she’d like to change the setting. How can Stephanie do this?
A. She can do this through the Manage Accounts tab and then choosing Language settings.
B. She can do this through the Manage Accounts tab.
C. She can do this through the My Account tab and then choosing Language settings.
D. She cannot, only the original account creator can change the language setting.

Answer: D

Consider an advertiser that is trying to sell more coffee beans. The advertiser has identified keywords for the ad groups: gourmet coffee beans, organic coffee beans, and French roast beans.
Which keyword wouldn’t be a good choice to include in the ad group gourmet coffee beans?
A. Gourmet coffee
B. French roast coffee beans
C. Specialty coffee
D. Gourmet coffee beans

Answer: B

Jan creates a Google AdWords ad for her company. She wants to avoid showing her ad when users search for free, cheap, or crack. How can she do this with a keyword match type?
A. Jan will need to a broad match, but add the negative qualifier for each keyword she doesn’t want her ad associated with.
B. Jan will need to create a negative match for the searched phrase that includes free, cheap, or crack.
C. Jan can only do this if she creates an exact match, in quotes, for every approved keyword.
D. Jan will need to create an exact match for the phrases she will allow her ad to be displayed with.

Answer: B

Google wants to make certain that Google Content Network consultants understand where people are spending their time online. Google has identified four categories where people spend their time online. Which one of the following statements ranks Internet usage for Web users from smallest to largest percentage of time online according to Google?
A. Search sites, commerce sites, content sites, communication sites
B. Content sites, communication sites, commerce sites, search sites
C. Commerce sites, content sites, communication sites, search sites
D. Communication sites, content sites, commerce sites, search sites

Answer: B



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