January 16, 2015

Google AdWords Questions: Page 6


Beth is reviewing her Google AdWords keyword status. For each keywords Beth can see one of six different status indicators for her keywords. What status message will Beth see for keyword bids that are below the first page bid estimate?
A. Undervalued bid
B. Below first page bid
C. Low quality score
D. Low bid estimate

Answer: B

Sally has multiple campaigns for her company’s products in Google AdWords. She wants to see and edit the details of all the ad groups in her AdWords account. Which one of the following approaches is the best choice for Sally to see and edit details of all the ad groups in her AdWords account?
A. Sally should use the downloadable AdWords editor for this feature.
B. Sally should use the Ad groups tab from the Active Campaigns tab of her account.
C. Sally can see all of the Ads from the online campaigns page, but she can only edit the ads one at a time.
D. Sally should use the Ad groups tab from the All online campaigns page of her account.

Answer: D

You have a Website that sells training seminars for companies. You want the users to visit your site through your Google AdWords ad and sign-up for a newsletter. What tool would you use to track the success of your Google AdWords ad?
A. Conversion tracking
B. Account snapshot
C. Google analytics
D. Campaign statistics

Answer: A

Amy is managing a Google AdWords campaign for her business. After three months of using Google AdWords Amy decides that she needs to improve her campaign by optimizing her ad. If Amy’s immediate goal to increase her clickthrough rate which one of the following optimization strategies is most appropriate?
A. Amy should attract more clicks byrefining her ads, and eliminate extra impressions by using negative keywords.
B. Amy should increase her advertising budget.
C. Amy should focus on her Website. Her landing page and entire Website is must be set up to let users find the specific thing being promoted in her ad.
D. Amy should add relevant keywords and site placements to her ad groups while making ad text more compelling.

Answer: A

Google owns several properties that appear in the Google Network. Which one of the following is NOT a Google property?
A. Google.fr
B. Gmail
C. Facebook
D. Blogger

Answer: C

Jeff wants to create an advertisement in his Google AdWords account for mobile users. What is the primary requirement that Jeff must adhere to for Google AdWords and mobile phone users?
A. Mobile ads must lead to a mobile Website.
B. Mobile ads must include a “call” link in the advertisement.
C. Mobile ads must be text only.
D. Mobile ads must be image only.

Answer: A

Martha has launched a new business that sells used computer books online. She wants to use Google AdWords to help brand her company and introduce her company to new users. Which one of the following Google AdWords approaches would be best for Martha?
A. Target the right region and language of her business.
B. Use keyword insertion to make her ad more relevant to a diverse audience.
C. Create keywords for unadvertised parts of her Website.
D. Use a cost-per-impression campaign.

Answer: D

If you were to create a cost-per-acquisition campaign for your company, there are three general rules that Google AdWords requires. To use the Google AdWords Conversion Optimizer which one of the following rules does NOT apply?
A. The campaign must have been receiving conversions at a similar rate for at least a few days.
B. The campaign must have received at least 15 conversions in the last 30 days.
C. The campaign must have a CPC bid of at least 3 percent of the sale of the item being tracked.
D. AdWords Conversion Tracking must be enabled.

Answer: C

You are the Google AdWords Administrator for your company. You have created accountsyou’re your employees. One of your employees, Stephanie, reports that her language settings aren’t correct for her and she’d like to change the setting. How can Stephanie do this?
A. She cannot, only the original account creator can change the language setting.
B. She can do this through the My Account tab and then choosing Language settings.
C. She can do this through the Manage Accounts tab and then choosing Language settings.
D. She can do this through the Manage Accounts tab.

Answer: A

Ben has created an advertisement for Google AdWords but his advertisement has been rejected due to Google’s content policy. Which one of the following is an example of a Google AdWords advertisement that would like be rejected from Google AdWords?
A. US-based cigar store
B. Donations for a hurricane relief fund
C. Test prep books and software
D. Used software sales

Answer: A

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