January 16, 2015

Google AdWords Questions: Page 8


If you wanted to set unique bids for each of your ads and restrict the sites in the Content Network where your Google AdWords ads appear you’d choose with one of the following targeting feature?
A. Direct placements
B. Automatic placements
C. Managed placements
D. Excluded placements

Answer: C

You are managing a Google AdWords campaign for your company and you want to review every search query that triggered your ad. Your goal is to determine what search queries were irrelevant but yet triggered your ad. Based on the results you’ll create negative keywords to keep these search queries from triggering your ad in the future. What Google AdWords optimization tool can you use?
A. Placement tool
B. Search Query Performance tool
C. Account statistics
D. Website Optimizer

Answer: B

You are working with Ben, a client that has a carpentry business, to help him create a Google AdWords campaign. Ben is concerned with how Google determines where a person is originating from and how that may affect his business. Google uses, you explain, several approaches to determine where a person’s search originates from. Which one of the following is not a valid method that Google uses to determine where a search originates from?
A. The Google domain being used
B. The language the user has set as their preference in Google
C. The area code of the mobile device being used
D. The IP address of the user

Answer: C

John wants to create a new Google AdWords ad for his company. John would like for users that land on his Web URL to receive a pop-up window explaining the discount of the day. Is this a problem for Google AdWords users?
A. Yes, it is a violation of the link policies.
B. No, pop-ups are fine, but pop-unders are not allowed.
C. Yes, it is a violation of the content policies for Google AdWords.
D. No, pop-ups are fine as long as the pop-up window is related to the Google AdWords purchased.

Answer: A

You are an AdWords consultant and a client has asked that you create an AdWords campaign for them. The client wants you to create an ad that implies the ad is for their competitor. Why is this inappropriate according to Google?
A. AdWords sponsored links must clearly and accurately represent your site.
B. AdWords has no policy against this activity.
C. AdWords sponsored links cannot imply ads are for competition.
D. AdWords sponsored links can’t misrepresent or confuse readers.

Answer: A



What two tools does Google offer users to improve your Website performance?
A. Google Web Analyzer and Web Analyzer
B. Google Analyzer and Website Optimizer
C. Google Analytics and Website Optimizer
D. Google Analyticsand Website Analytics

Answer: C


You are managing a Google AdWords campaign for client that has a business selling greeting cards online. The customer has asked you to provide a report for them that will show statistics on how specific types of ad variations are performing. Which report should you generate for your client?
A. Hourly report
B. Placement performance report
C. Search terms report
D. Ad text report

Answer: D

Carl has created a new company that provides language translation services for English-speaking people in France. Carl would like to create a Google AdWords that would address people that need his service. Which one of the following targeting options would be the best for Carl?
A. Carl should target either France or display his ad in English – he cannot do both.
B. Carl should target the country of France and target the language of English.
C. Carl should target the country of France and display his ad in English.
D. Carl should target France, write the ad in French, and allow Google to translate the ad.

Answer: B

Jan creates a Google AdWords ad for her company. She wants to avoid showing her ad when users search for free, cheap, or crack. How can she do this with a keyword match type?
A. Jan willneed to create an exact match for the phrases she will allow her ad to be displayed with.
B. Jan will need to create a negative match for the searched phrase that includes free, cheap, or crack.
C. Jan will need to a broad match, but add the negative qualifier for each keyword she doesn’t want her ad associated with.
D. Jan can only do this if she creates an exact match, in quotes, for every approved keyword.

Answer: B

When you create a new Google AdWords ad how can you also ensure that the ad will be included in the entire Google Network?
A. You must opt-in to the network through your Google AdWords account management.
B. You must first apply to Google to opt-in to the Google Network. Google will review your application ad then may approveyour participation.
C. By default, ads are included in the entire Google Network.
D. You must opt-in to the network through your campaign settings.

Answer: C

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