July 6, 2013

Facebook Ads (FB Adverts & Business Manager) Training

Facebook Ads Training

 Expert-Led Training Courses

Facebook Advertising course takes a hands-on, practical approach, leading you through the stages in developing and implementing a Facebook ad campaign. Course is aimed at marketers, social media professionals, digital strategists or business owners who are looking to run more effective Facebook ad campaign.

Course Duration



      10 Classes (2 Hours Each)  Weekend BatchesRs (₹) 12,000 Only



  • Understand how to strategically plan your Facebook campaigns
  • Consider your Facebook ads campaign and brief an agency/developer
  • Create, develop and manage successful Facebook ads
  • Understand your Facebook advertising options and challenges
  • Monitor and measure your Facebook campaign performance

facebook ads training


Facebook Advertising Training Course

Optimize Your Facebook Ad Strategy

Understand advertising terms, choose an ad type, and write good copy.

  • Learn How to Target a Facebook Page
  • Find the Right People to Advertise To
  • What Can I Advertise on Facebook?
  • Understand Key Buzzwords in Minutes
  • Pick an Image People Will Want to Click
  • Write Ad Copy That Converts
  • Show the Right Ads to the Right People
  • Why to Advertise an External Site on Facebook
  • Optimize Your Page Post Advertisements
  • Target Which Parts of Your Ad Need Work
  • Try CPM and CPC for Facebook Ads
  • Advanced Options to Optimize Your Ad


Create a Facebook Ad

Choose what you’re advertising, create an ad, and target ads.

  • Why is Facebook Advertising So Popular?
  • Pick an Advertising Objective
  • Promote a Page Post
  • Get More Page Likes
  • Get More Clicks to Your Website
  • Advertise Specific Website Actions
  • Get People to Install Your App
  • Get People to Use Your App
  • Why Promote an Event?
  • Promote a Page Offer
  • Target the Right Audience
  • Set a New Campaign Budget and Ad Schedule
  • Pick Your Pricing Model


Measure Your Facebook Ad Success

Filter data, generate reports, and choose a report type.

  • What Type of Report is Best for Me?
  • Understand Key Ads Metrics
  • Create a Custom Report
  • Filter Ad Data
  • How Do I Track the ROI of my Facebook Ads?


Manage Facebook Ads with the Power Editor

Create and manage many ads at a time

  • Edit Multiple Ads at a Time
  • Edit Facebook Ads in Excel
  • Create an Audience on Facebook from a List
  • Create a Lookalike Audience
  • Save an Audience You Target Often
  • Add Users to an Ads Account
  • Stop Unnecessary Email Notifications
  • How Do I Add a Credit Card to My Ads Account?
  • Power Editor & Reporting Interface Sessions.


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